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Dremel Tool – Amazing Uses

dremel tool

dremel 4000

A Demel tool can be used on metal

A dremel tool is a high speed rotary power tool. This light weight and power tool is tremendously popular because it’s so compact and versatile. It can be used to work on wood, metal, glass, and many other materials. It is no newcomer, in fact the Department of Defense used a dremel tool when putting together the first atomic bomb.

Some Of The Many Uses For A Dremel Tool

Though in times of war and has been used to remove scar tissue from wounds, and they have been used to remove tattoos, their most common used nowadays is a wide variety of arts and crafts work.

From shaping dentures to making glass etchings, the dremel to is one of the most versatile small power tools in the world. There are a wide variety of models and hundreds of accessories, which make possible an endless number of uses.

Many Models of Dremel Tools To Choose From

The many models of the dremel tool include the 400 Series XPR, which offers high speeds as well as great quality. It is the most versatile of the Dremel

dremel 300

Or Wood...

series. The 300 Series, a precision tool, is very compact and has several speeds to choose from. The Digital Rotary Dremel is probably the most advanced.

It features a LCD readout and an electronic feedback control and is commonly used by the scientific community.

The MultiPro, the original dremel tool, is great for crafts and for doing hobbies and is the top selling Dremel model. It comes in corded and cordless models with various speed options. There is a two speed model and a single speed MultiPro and which is best for you depends on whether you need the

dremel 8200

Or tile...

control which a high/ low speed gives you or if you are doing the same job over and over and need only one speed. The Cordless MultiPro is very convenient as is the Cordless MiniMite though you should make sure that they will have enough power for the projects you need to do.

The fastest Dremel yet is the Lithium-ion Cordless model 8000, which is the fastest and strongest cordless rotary tool available in today’s marketplace. Before this model many thought that cordless dremel tools were good for only the lightest of jobs, but this model has changed all that. When not in use the battery will stay charged for up to two years at a time, and when in use supplies sufficient power for all but the toughest jobs.

There is even a special dremel for carving pumpkins. This cute orange and black model even comes with templates to enhance your pumpkin decorating


The model you choose will depend on the job you need to do, but you can be assured that you will be getting a reliable well-made product. The tools are ergonomically designed for ease of use and comfort. They are lightweight and portable and can be taken practically anywhere.

dremel 8000

Dremel 4000

It Comes With A 5 Year Warranty

The tools come with a five-year warranty and the brushes will be replaced for free for the life of your dremel tool.

Research is very important when selecting the proper Dremel tool, due to the number of models and the tremendous selection of the accessories. Once you’ve decided on a model, it might be a good idea to buy a kit since it will come with a wide assortment of accessories and a carrying case at a more economical price than if you bought them separately.

We will be providing reviews and information to help you make an informed decision and as much as possible will be finding what actual owners have to say on each model both good and bad.  You have to know both sides if you are going to truly know if it will meet your needs. Our initial reviews will be on:

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